Année Escapade

A book, some exhibitions


After a so called "around the world" trip from september 2003 to August 2004, all my friend and familly were asking for photos. I decided to create a small family book representing this year of travel.

This common project with Adeline Bourgeois was edited at 1000 copies and sold out. We only have some few copies left.

This book is 72 pages. ISBN 2-9523190-0-6. Published in December 2004

The coming out of the book was followed by three exhibitions.

The first one presented by the SNCF in the employee restaurant room at Paris Gare du Nord, France. The second one was in a shopping mall in Breval close to Paris, France. The third one was at the library in the city of Chateaugiron close to Rennes, France.



Follow the link to have a look at the book