From 2001 until Now


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Le_ben starts taking pictures in 2001 using a webcam with a poor resolution. For Christmas, he decides to buy himself a Canon G1 and to join the CPCPN (North Paris Photo Club) where he will learn everything he knows now. The members of this club taught and shared with him everything about picture as an Art. Some of them even became close friends.

Photography as Postcards

Then he moved from the bridge camera to the digital SLR Canon D60 and decided to travel in order to learn about people and photography. With this trip the “Descendance du Monde” project grow-up and became what we would call now a blog. Coming back from this year of experience he worked and published the book “Année Escapde”.

From technique to style

Back in Paris he understood thanks to long talks with his friend Michaël Duperrin that Art Photography is something else than taking picture. It is also the period he discovered digital art and decided to expose “Interruptions

Search for style

The year and a half spent in Canada improved his taste for abstraction with a fascination for Rothko. “Tribulations en Technicolor” is a rupture in its work. Abstraction started to take place in its pictures. It is also the moment where night life pictures and especially his light painting technique started. He is now using its method to paint using the street lights as colored pencil to impress its sensor.


A two year period was needed to recover from his experiences from Canada without any real production. He now has a large amount of picture to use as raw material. “One Hundred Squares” is like the acceptation of the end of that period. Almost all the pictures were ready when he left New Brunswick. Nevertheless it took him to meet Alain Chenard to show again his work.


I’m currently living that part of my story. I will tell you more another day…