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Interruptions is an interactive photography exhibition built from five travel picture collections realized between 2003 and 2004 (India, Guatemala, USA, Hong Kong and Vietnam).

The art piece interactivity contributes to the fraction highlight between the presente collections and aim at changing the visitor to an actor of its own experience: the visitor does not walk to the pictures, pictures are coming to the visitor.

"Interrupteurs/Interruptions : et la commutation permet de créer son propre voyage…"


Have a look at the exhibition display. This might help you to understand how visitors were able to touch the main panel to switch from one country to another..

The first trip was in India and especially at the market. This gallery will not expose the sounds, the humidity, the smell but the powerful colors and the vendors' faces.

Then you can stop by Antigua, Guatemala to admire the famouse painted house.

You can then cross one of the famous american bridge. Have a look at the details of this red metallic structure.

Then dive into the night life of Hong Kong illuminated with many neon signs...

And finally take the time to cruise on the Mekong and look at the vietnamese architecture.