One Hundred Squares

Life abstraction

The exhibition: Instants Fluides

My first contact with the "Art for All" concept was in Bruxelles at the Derapages Gallery. It was in 2006 and my best friend offered me a piece of art from that place.

I was seduced by the concept and I decided to work with the constraints: Square, Need to capture attention quickly, Have to be readible even upsidedown in the display area and affordable.

I worked mainly in Canada on that serie over year 2007 and it is only recently that I decided to show this work. I started to believe that it was mature enough. It is still an on going work where I from time to time add a new square.

The work is organized in eleven series:

Serie 1: Composed of 14 pictures, this serie is highly electric and liquid. It is like lightning going trough a swimmingpool.

Serie 2: Composed of 15 pictures, this serie is using the limit of the digital cameras to capture the light. Those pictures are painted using city lights at night offering a more bright vision of the night life.

Serie 3: Composed of 16 pictures, this serie is a quiet and peaceful study on the horizons.

Serie 4: Composed of 11 pictures, this serie is dynamic. It is using the electric light until it overexposes a part of the picture letting some strange spectrums appearing.

Serie 5: Composed of 14 pictures, this serie is a colorful vision of autumn in Canada.

Serie 6: Composed of 19 pictures, this serie exposes the verticality of cities we are building and living in.

Serie 7: Composed of 9 pictures, this serie is a capture of street scenes where human body have a large importance.

Serie 8: Composed of 7 pictures, this serie is composed of ambiances and textures close to abstract paints.

Serie 9: Composed of 7 pictures, this serie is expressing fragility and lightness. The subjects are somehow flighing or shaken by a hypothetical wind crossing the image.

Serie 10: Composed of 6 pictures, this serie displays the chaos which is also part of my structured and organized life.

Serie 11: Composed of 9 pictures, this serie is a research of colors. Most of those saturated colors can be displayed on sceens but are hard to print out.