2010/07/30: "Instants Fluides" Exhibition Pictures

An amazing opening for both of us, Alain Chenard and I, at the La Paillette MJC in Rennes, France.

More than one hundred persons showed up that 7th of May, 2010 in a nice and warming atmosphere. Some good drinks and foods, good friends and family, good music and a gret party after, this was all the necessary ingredients for a perfect duo of painting and photography.

Please have a look at the pictures here.

A big thanks to all of you.






2010/02/23: "Instants Fluides" Exhibition

Instant Fluide

With almost three year without exhibition, I will come back thanks to Alain Chenard. He pushed me to show my work and especialy this extract from "One Hundred Squares".

This "Duo de peinture et photographie" which could be easily translated as "Painting and photography duo" is a joint exhibition by two artists: Alain Chenard and I.

This exhibition called "Instants Fluides" will be located in Rennes starting the 7th of May until the 1st of June. The place is the MJC La Paillette located 2, rue du Pré de Bris 35000 Rennes.

Opening: 7th of May at 7:00PM